Finding the Right Exhibition Stand Contractor

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Planning to participate in an exhibition? One of the main key variants to successful showcasing is a right fit qualified stand contractor. You need partners that appreciate and understand your end goal, with so many exhibitions stand contractor companies out there it can be difficult to know the best at turning your booth from design idea into reality. So, here are the few tips that can help you select the right exhibition stand contractor.


One of the greatest benefits of using an experienced exhibition stand contractor is they are aware of all the ins and outs of trade shows, they know how to keep your brand visible, connect with the organizer for the necessary documents or whether a certain design element will work or not.

How do you perform due diligence on your stand contractor? Checking the google reviews is part of getting to know more about your contractor because it is where you can see all the comments from their previous customer whether a recommendation or a negative review. However, there are also other basic criteria that you must check and consider:

  •         Contractor’s website
  •          Projects delivered and how many years of experience
  •          Design Profile
  •          Professionalism


One of the most important things from a client’s point of view is the design. Does it resonate with their brand, theme and marketing framework.. If you wander around a trade show floor you’ll see examples of good design, but you’ll also see examples of bad design. Bad examples include stands with:

  •          Poor lighting
  •          Cluttered and complicated headings
  •          No underlying design objectives
  •          Ineffective color combinations

An experienced stand designer will steer you in the right direction and take note of what you expect before producing the result so before you choose your partner, make sure you have seen a portfolio of designs and finished projects they have worked on. Show them examples of stands that you like and explain what kind of features you are looking for.


While you could hire different companies to design, build and deliver your stand, you’ll receive a much better and smoother service if you choose a company that can do everything for you. We understand you want your exhibition stand to be perfect so you need to ensure whether the package offered contains everything including design and construction, installation of your stand on the day, storage, and maintenance of your stand for other shows, the technical and structure, as well as the technology or AV.

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A reputable exhibition stand provider works with standardized processes, methods and is highly proficient in project management. They are also open to questions and responsive to feedback and have the ability to convey the strategy by setting goals, planning, and prioritizing your stand design and structure

  •   Advanced project management skills
  •  Conformity to trade show best practices
  •   With clarity and concision




A performance focused team can provide a full-service package and manages the project from concept to process until  completion. It is also important to hire someone who can handle almost all the possible practical situations and come up with an appropriate solution.


  • Make efficient use of all available resource
  • Committed to timely delivery
  • Provide transparent costing 


An exhibition is a great marketing tool for exposing your brand to a larger market within the industry. If you are looking for the best exhibit design and construction company, you need people who understand your objectives, your business and the impact of your exhibition stand during the show. You must think about all the human and financial resources that will be needed.

To achieve a successful outcome from the trade shows, you need to plan every small detail. It is imperative to choose a partner that has been in the industry for decades, who can provide an exhibition stand concept that is right for your business.

Are you in search of an Exhibition Stand Contractor? If you need a hand that can tailor solutions to fit your budget and requirements, Vortex Events is the team that you can trust. Over the years, we have worked with clients based in numerous industries, from healthcare and education, technology, to real estate and hospitality.




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