Small stand, Big impact

“The market is flooded. My exhibition stand will just be like any other so how does that bring business for me”? A statement that has become so familiar especially for small businesses but is it true? Are smaller companies wasting their resources by participating in exhibitions? Certainly not. One person once said, “Don’t be a market regulator, but rather look at how you can maximize on the gaps. Innovate”.

An exhibition event can be too competitive for smaller businesses but it doesn’t mean that it will not do any good to participate in such bigger platforms. Joining stages with the bigger firms will show how your company’s vision desires to be of the same level, and that your products and services are equally competitive.

Here are some vital points that you can consider in order to make an impression and join the league of your market:

Personalize your stand.  – Small stands can work well if it shows promising ambitions. Making an impression is what exhibitions are all about. Deciding on a space no matter how big or small if not utilized well will only go down on a lost cause. Focus is better than size, finding a way to personalize and make your stand unique will always go a long way.

Being crafty with the giveaways. – a company that puts the welfare of the visitors first will always have a better chance of being remembered. Capitalize on what your trade visitors need while exhibiting, like bottled water, tissues, sanitizers, pens, etc. You’re more likely to be recalled if your guests needed something useful and they have your company to provide. It may be a small gesture but it is indeed helpful.

Display your strengths. – Being a small team still has advantages. One being flexibility; you can easily move the team in a new direction. The approach to the visitors is much more interactive and personal in a smaller team because each member is already equipped to fully explain the products and services. The team’s focus and cohesiveness are easier to manage, and the energy level will always be high. Smaller teams with the right combination of people can be more agile.

Maximize the use of new technology & social media.  – Be creative and experimental. Using new technologies and social media catch the attention of the trade visitors. Keeping up with the latest trends will always gain their interest into visiting your stand. Remember that your stand is your window to more opportunities, real-time information sharing if more interactive and advance can be more fun and efficient.

Be optimistic.  – Always be positive. Boosting the commitment level will always bring desirable results. Like what the author Rhonda Byrne said in her book the Secret - “There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstance of your life can change!”


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