Ways to Maximize Sales Success Through Exhibition Stand/Booth

In the current corporate environment, engaging a multi-strategy approach is key for driving the long-term vision of businesses. Businesses always strive to innovate and provide solutions to their customer needs in order to be the first to lead the market in their respective industries. However, one of the main factors for a business to succeed is Consistent Performance. With the challenging competition in the market, you would often wonder, what are the alternative avenues that your business could seek to be one step ahead of your competitors. Participation in exhibitions is such a powerful avenue. Exhibiting in an event is a vital tool to generate leads for future potential sales. It also brings awareness to your Target Market. It is a strategy to get a direct opinion from customers about the product or service. When choosing this option, you should always select the right exhibition to participate in.

Based on your objectives, the exhibition helps in below keyways

  •          build awareness about your existing products in the industry.
  •          introduce a NEW product or service to the existing market.
  •          promote an existing product or service to a NEW market.
  •          introduce a new product or service to a NEW market.

Selecting the ideal exhibition in order to fulfill your objective is important. If the purpose and expected return are not met, it would be just a waste of resources. The ideal exhibition should derive the projected sales. Hence, prior research should be done before exhibiting in order to analyze the cost-benefit impact of participating. It would be preferable if an exhibition can be chosen based on how well it had performed in the past. That is, if the exhibition attracts the greatest number of potential clients, whether it is advertised among untapped markets or countries and how well the event is recognized so that the right product or service could be promoted to the right visitor. Once the ideal exhibition has been chosen, it is important that there should be a perfect exhibition stand that draws the customers’ attention in the best possible way.

The key to grab a potential customer’s attention in an exhibition is to have an attractive Exhibition Stand. The stand represents the company and the brand. Therefore, the first impression of a visitor towards the stand is very important. Let us go through some of the elements that need to be considered when executing an Exhibition Stand in order to maximize sales.

Book Early and Select the right Location

When selecting the location of your stand, it is important that the chosen spot is easily accessible to the visitors. As long as it is a high traffic area, the possibility of interacting with the potential clients is high and it may result in generating more leads. Usually, it is favorable to proceed with an island where all sides are open to the visitors. There are several types of Exhibition Stand spots in the fairground. Depending on your budget you could select an appropriate location. You may also take advantage of the early bird booking that would avoid you spending extra for a last moment booking as well as help you to plan ahead on the details you would like on the stand.

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Choose the right Stand Contractor for an Eye-Catching Exhibition Stand

Once you have successfully chosen an ideal spot for your stand, you need to select the best stand design that would represent your business and communicate your message within seconds to your visitors. One of the main methods to generate more leads is to draw the visitors with an attractive stand that instantly reflects your products or services that your client would like to expect. Therefore, you should carefully select a design that would portray your brand image. When choosing the design, in order to highlight your product or service, you should be able to utilize the limited space available. You may prioritize your stand depending on the objective. For example, it could consist of a Video Wall or an LED TV, a meeting area, a storage room etc. It should not feel congested since, the visitors may want to sit down for a comfortable chat. In some instances, businesses have their own in-house team to design and construct the stand according to their requirements. However, in most cases this process is outsourced to a specialized company that designs and fabricates Exhibitions Stands such as Vortex Events. You could provide your requirements and receive a design that is attractive, affordable, and serves the purpose. How we at Vortex Events mostly differentiate ourselves from others is by not sacrificing the quality of any element of the stand at any cost since we believe it directly affects the brand image of your business and it wouldn’t serve justice to your investment if compromised.-- www.vortexevents.net

Interactive Elements is a must

You may implement various tactics in order to keep the visitors engaged with your stand. If your business is about to launch a new product that relates to the food & beverage industry, you could conduct a cookery demonstration that would get people to stay in your stand for a longer period. For sure the audience will consist your target market. So, you could have a Q & A session to answer any doubts about theirs. You could also organize a competition, a virtual reality experience about your product, have a touch screen or kiosk that consists of your product information and provide samples to give a memorable experience to your visitors.

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Pre-Event Marketing

Create a buzz in social media. You could share your attendance in all the platforms and send personal invitations to your current and past clients to visit your stand. This would not only give a good impression to your business but it also would be a good opportunity for you to connect with your past and present clients.

Choose the right Salespeople

Having the right stand staff during the event is key to increase the number of leads generated. They should be professionally trained and given the right product knowledge so that any doubts or suggestions the visitors have during the event could be answered. They should be able to convince visitors to choose your product if a feasible lead is recognized. The ultimate objective of your stand is to engage with the highest number of potential clients. Therefore, you may instruct your sales team to collect all contact information of your visitors so that you could later communicate for inquiries. In order to keep the staff to stick to this process, you could set a target for each confirmed deal and provide the salesperson an incentive. This would encourage the rest of the staff and would keep them motivated. Customers usually like to feel special. Hence, it is also advisable to have people from the higher management available on the stand in case clients would like to meet them. Finally, stay till the very end of the exhibition just in case your potential clients' visit at the last moment. Remember, this is an investment to maximize your sales. Therefore, every lead matters.


Branded giveaways

Lastly, another effective approach is to give away freebies. It is not necessary to give away something expensive. A simple gift like a stress ball or pen would suit the cause. The gift should be something useful that contains your brand colors and logo so that it would remind your visitor about your business and that would give them a spark to get back to you if any business requirement arises in the future. 



Here at Vortex Events, we do not only fulfill your stand requirements but also, we dedicate ourselves to bring out the best in your brand.

To find out more about how you can maximize your Sales Success Through Exhibition Stand, Connect with our Stand experts today at hello@vortexevents.net |  www.vortexevents.net


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