Promotional Gift Ideas for a Successful Exhibition


Everyone loves freebies, especially at an exhibition where you can demonstrate your latest products and services. To make the best use of these events, exhibitors must ensure that the audience recalls their brand name even after the event, and one of the most effective way is by offering promotional gift items. But, how will you know which promotional item is best for your event?

Selecting the right promotional items play a very important role in ensuring a successful exhibition and since giveaways are free, they shouldn’t look cheap as this can negatively impact your brand identity. Ticking some of these points can reinforce your brand positively:


  •          Cost-effective
  •          Maintaining Brand Relevance
  •          Unique Giveaways
  •          Innovative design and features
  •          Useful for your target Audience


If you do not have any of these features in your current supplier’s promotional gift portfolio do not worry, we have got your back! To keep you away from a stress-free search for the perfect gift for your next exhibition, we have put together with some awesome ideas, you'll definitely like:


Eco-Friendly Gift Essentials

            Trade shows are becoming much more sustainable as they start implementing environmentally friendly practices. Most of the attendees are now supporting brands they believe are sustainable and committed to helping the environment. So, giving them eco-friendly gift items will increase your brand awareness as well as increase your corporate social responsibility. These are some of the sustainable gift ideas that are essential and useful:

  •          Non-Woven Tote Bags
  •          Tumbler in Bamboo Fibre
  •          Bluetooth Speaker made in Bamboo Fibre
  •         Notebooks and Pens made in Wheat Straws


You can also check our Eco-Friendly Gift Catalogue to see more of our unique sustainable gifts that can help you with your future events.

2 in 1 Lanyard Badge Holder with USB Charger

                People love unique gift items that are also useful to them at the same time. Having a lanyard to be given away is one of the useful items in the exhibition since it is essential for carrying conference passes during the show but since you will be offering a Lanyard with a USB charger as a gift item to your visitors, they can still carry it with your brand after the show because of its 2-in-1 functionality that allows them to power up their phones wherever they are without having to carry around extra cords. It is a plus point for your brand because people will remember you for having this cool and useful gift item.

Classy Reusable Bags

                We normally see a lot of typical reusable bags that are given away during the exhibition to visitors because there is no doubt that conference reusable bags are useful during the event for carrying their essentials. But did we consider if it is still useful for them after the event? Well, we have a great solution for you. Why don't you offer your clients a unique bag design yet cost-effective, so you can assure that they will still use it after the event- another marketing promotion for you, right? Give them these classy reusable bags with your Brand Logo and include some of your welcome gift cards and your latest products. Then, offer these exclusive conference bags to the first 100-500 people who register, or make them available as a random-draw prize for attendees who complete the pre-event surveys. You are not only encouraging early registration, but you are also building a relationship with your visitors and could give them a good impression that you can provide them a high-quality products and services.

Quality Headphones

                Offering a quality headphone gift for your visitors with your corporate logo can help your exhibition stand to experience a boost. The question is, what kind of headphones are good for your event? Sometimes, it depends on your marketing budget and the type of event you are joining. Quality headphones are best suited for events that involves music and AV Industries, while lightweight earbuds are more appropriate for mid-sized business events. A Bluetooth headset is also an option that could add a touch of luxury to any event. Since quality earphones can be expensive as a giveaway, visitors would be very keen to have them, and this could be an opportunity for you to maximize your brand awareness. One of the ways to do this is by creating a social media game where you can ask your visitors to take selfies at your stand and ask them to post it with a specific hashtag on their social media accounts to win the prize. -I bet, you will be surprised by the outcome.


Branded Phone Accessories

                Promotional phone accessories are a smart way to keep your brand in the hands of your customers on a daily basis. We know that most people own a mobile phone. So, you cannot go wrong with this essential piece of technology. It can be a phone holder, a phone charger or even universal phone lenses would work. Luckily, Vortex Events has a wide range of branded phone accessories in our catalogue and we offer you a free mock-up and logo printing for your giveaways. So, here are some of the phone accessories that are available. You can also check our Corporate Gift Catalogue because you may want to check some of our gift ideas for your future reference.

Stationery Set Gift Items

Dont just brand a set of pens and give them away. Offer your audience a full stationery set: pens, notepads, sticky notes and organizers. This makes your giveaways more significant and more appealing. Stationery supplies have functional use since it is one of the essentials in any office or even in the hospitality industry so the more your logo is recognized, the closer you are to reaching your brand awareness goals- make sure to look for the best quality and unique stationery gift sets for your giveaways so it can last longer.

Branded Mugs and Flask

How often do we need a cup of coffee every single day? A lot of people drink a cup of coffee a day especially to those people who are having a busy day at work, so it means your branded mugs will likely get a lot of use and your brand will always be remembered. This type of gift can help save the environment since it is reusable and it is very cost-effective as well to add to your marketing budget- there are lots of branded mug designs and options that are now in the market and some of them are unique, you can also find it in our Corporate Catalogue to check some options that you may want for your future event. 

Car Sunshade

After a long ride during the day, one thing is for sure, people will use something to protect the interior of their car from the sun. Adding a branded car sunshade allows your brand to travel as far as possible- youre not only protecting your valuable client's car but you are also letting them expose your brand anywhere they go. Well, if you are thinking to add this idea to one of your giveaways, you can count on us!

How can we help you find the right gifts?

We have a lot of unique and cost-effective gift items in our Corporate Gift Catalogue that is best for your business. Our team of experts can give you more ideas and design mock-up as well, just send your inquiry to and we will definitely reach out to you as soon as possible.


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