We are very excited to launch this blogger page which will tackle interesting topics and ideas on corporate or personal events and exhibitions happening in the United Arab Emirates.
Whether you are planning to participate in an exhibition or shaping an event, there will always be something for you in our monthly editions.

Life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing. So share the experience with us. Together we can make life eventful and we can create beautiful memories.

About Us

You Envision! We Create! We Deliver!
We dream and create. Before the stage is set till the lights go out, we are there by your side. We move hand in hand towards bigger and better ideas. With an infectious passion, we transform work into fun. We design, add value and innovate. We sharpen our skills with unique experiences. We learn. We grow. We imagine. And we make life eventful.

We are Vortex Events!

We specialize in design and ideas for events across corporate, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, hospitality, consumer goods, sports and education sectors.
Our services include Exhibition Stands Design and Build up, Corporate Events and Promotional Gifts designs, Mall Kiosks and Live Events.

Our Information

Telephone: +971-4-559 6221 / +971-4-559 6295
Website: www.vortexevents.netEmail:  Hello@vortexevents.net

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